hot chocolate For the most part, I eat healthy foods but I am a complete chocoholic. I love dark chocolate in and in the winter, I get the most intensive hot chocolate cravings ever. When the wind comes whipping in from the mountains and I feel wet and cold all the way through to my bones, nothing will warm me up except a steaming mug of chocolate. The $0.99 boxes of watery chocolate from the supermarket will only go so far, though.

Then, while baking a cake, I discovered dutch processed cocoa. The cocoa itself is unsweetened, but printed on the side of my little box of Rademaker’s were directions for what sounded like nectar of the gods. Mix chocolate and sugar, gradually add milk or water (or both) and – bliss! Seriously, this is prop up your feet, pull out your favorite DIK and just chill out kind of bliss.

Or, if you really want to indulge, here’s a recipe for real drinking chocolate that I got from a Belgian lady I once worked with. It takes a few attempts to get it made to your taste, but it’s very good if you’re in the mood for a rich treat.

-1-2 ounces of dark chocolate (she swore by Belgian chocolate but I tend to use Scharffen Berger) – cut into small pieces
-1 cup milk
-1/4-1/2 vanilla bean

Put milk and vanilla bean in small pan. Heat at medium or medium-low heat until milk gets bubbly around the edges(don’t let it boil!). Turn heat down to low and while milk simmers, add the chocolate and stir until it melts. Take off heat and remove vanilla bean. If you like your chocolate foamy, you can whip it up with a whisk before you pour it in your mug.

Note: This chocolate will be rather thick and rich. You may want to cut with hot water or milk.

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