miraMy parents dropped by on Saturday, and left behind mountains of fruit. More specifically, about three pounds of blackberries, about seven pounds of mirabelles, and an unknown quantity of pears. The thing is, my parents know a great number of people with large garden, lots of trees and far more fruit than they can deal with. Which they pass on to friends. And so my mother makes pies and jams and compotes as much as she can, and hands the rest of the fruit on to others, preferably her children.

Saturday I made seven jars of blackberry jam (a bit runny … but so tasty!), and yesterday I made eleven jars of mirabelle jam (just perfect in texture and taste … guess what I will be bringing as a gift next the few times I am invited anywhere?). Today I am planning to make mirabelle compote, mostly because I have run out of jars and jam sugar. Tomorrow I’ll begin tackling the pears – with a pie and some more compote, maybe?

Just make this clear: I love fruit, and I love the yummy stuff you can make out of them. I’m just a bit tired today of standing in the kitchen for hours and cutting up fruit. I am grateful that the apples and plums in my own garden will take a few weeks more to ripen!

How do you deal with floods of fruit in the summer? Have you got any special recipes for pears?

– Rike Horstmann

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