Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to have the chance to guest blog for AAR and to share my Husband Series with you.

This four-book series of sexy romance novels is about four girlfriends who are indispensable in each others’ lives (the same way my own girlfriends are vital to my happiness). My characters: Jill, Angela, Louella and Fritha drive each other crazy, but they’re there for each other, no matter what, delivering hugs or tough-love as the situation requires! The series is set in Australia, where I live, so I’ve showcased our great landscape, from the glitzy glamor of Sydney and Surfers Paradise to the dry, dusty outback and the lush beauty of Byron Bay and Belandera. Then there are the men who fall in love with my girls… Anyone who’s ever drooled over a Hemsworth will understand what there is to like about Aussie men, and I’ve thrown in a Brit bad boy for good measure. So this series features all of my favorite things, and then some!

Pinterest has been a big part of my journey. My four heroines are all fashionistas in their own ways. Louella is a Rose Bay socialite with a penchant for sixties styling, Jill has a shoe obsession that would rival Carrie Bradshaw’s, Angela’s parents are from Mumbai so her tastes are to modern saris and Punjabi suits, and Fritha is a bohemian who adores texture and color (think rainbow bridesmaid dresses). It’s been a joy for me to create a Pinterest board for each book, showcasing the style of each heroine, and as a sideline I’ve created boards for Swoonworthy Shoes, Frocks, and a special Ouch! board of all the hot men I discovered along the way.

My heroines are all in their mid-thirties, at that unfortunate crossroads where their love-lives haven’t lived up to expectations and their emotional baggage is arriving with an overweight tag! I love these characters so much, I wanted them to have an easy ride into sexily-ever-after, but they each seemed determined to push away the one man who’s perfect for them. Readers have called each book “an emotional rollercoaster”, but for me, it’s been fabulous to see love heal emotional wounds and deliver that delicious moment when each woman has realized that this is the man for them.

The first three novels in the series finaled in the top ten of the Australian Romance Readers 2016 Awards, so I’m hoping you like them too! (The first, Husband Sit, is free on Amazon right now!)

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