I confess, I’m a complete sucker for a Regency romance. Give me a duke, a marriage of convenience, or a governess to lover trope, with all the accompanying bothersome rules of behavior, and I will happily wrap up in a quilt with a cup of tea for the next hour or six.

But as a writer, I’ve discovered my passion for romance and for history is deeply rooted in the American story. Not only did this country, and its citizenry, weather a revolution, settle a dangerous land and the disagreements with its natives, and clash in a civil war, it came out the other side as one union. Every settler who built a cabin at the edge of the wilderness and every immigrant who landed here, bore witness to a fresh world of new possibilities and ideas. And so, the U.S. surpassed other nations with its ability to create and invent for medicine and science, and for the world of commerce. These conflicts and creations can always be reduced to individual Americans and how they triumphed or were defeated.

My stories are about everyday Americans, about their hopes, and loves, and tragedies, and how national events touched their lives during the transformative years post-Civil War to the late 1800’s. I’ve found other American historical romance writers to follow such as Donna Thorland, who brings the Revolution alive, Pamela Clare, writing heroes from pre-Revolutionary Colonial America, Piper Huguley and her stories of African American heroes, and Joanna Shupe, who helped me discover turn of the century tycoons. Take a break from the Brits, and discover a few heroes and heroines on our side of the pond.

My newest series, The Gentrys of Paradise, begins with a prequel novella, Into the Evermore, where we meet Eleanor and Beauregard Gentry, and learn how their horse breeding business began. The first novel in the series, For the Brave, releases May 16th and is the story of Eleanor and Beauregard’s youngest son, Matthew Gentry.

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