I still have a month to go before I leave for my 4-month stint in London, but things are starting to feel real.  I’ve left both of my jobs (temporarily), as I’ll be moving home to NJ soon.  I’m packing up my apartment.  I got my visa.  I’ve started looking at guide books for places I want to visit and things I want to do.  And, best of all, I’ve found several programs where I get free concerts and theatre tickets because I’m younger than 26.  I can’t wait.

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but now that things are getting even closer, I’d like some advice and suggestions from the well-traveled and varied group of readers AAR has.  Specifically:  Are there any good thrift shops in London, or other good (but cheap) clothing stores?  What is the best day trip outside of London?  Any good pubs or restaurants in the Kensington area?  Any obscure slang terms I should be aware of before I go?  And, perhaps most important, are galoshes really necessary?

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