FrustratedHeather recently posted about things we don’t want to do, and quite a few replied that shopping for clothes fits neatly under this category.  I’m going to expand on this theme and add that shopping for evening gowns definitely, undeniably, irrefutably stinks.

I have to get one by the end of the month, and holy hell it’s driving me up the wall.  Part of the problem is I live about 90 minutes away from the nearest commercial town of any size, so any drive is a mission.  Add to this the fact that my employers have specified that it has to be floor-length.  It might, if it’s super classy, be ankle or low-calf-length, but knee length is out of the question.  So no cocktail dresses.  Plus, it has to be dress.  Not a skirt and top.  A dress.

And of course, I’ve tried on what feels like a gazillion different dresses, and whaddya know?  One is too expensive.  Another fits the top and not the bottom.  A third is the reverse.  A fourth, which I’ve termed the Desert Slut dress, makes me look like, well, you know.  Plus countless others.  And after two such shopping expeditions, I still don’t have a dress.  If I didn’t have to go to this event, which is work-related, I’d throw my hands up and say pooh.

There’s a reason I stick to separates – they’re a heck of a lot easier to buy separate than together.  And I’m sure I’ll find a dress and look back on the event and sigh happily, “Man, it was worth it!”  But at this point, all I can say is: Dress shopping sucks.

What’s the one article of clothing that you hate shopping for?

– Jean AAR

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