A Tribute to Linnea Sinclair and Sci-Fi Romance

Once a year, I pick up Linnea Sinclair’s Finders Keepers and devour it. It’s the first science fiction romance I ever read, and what an eye-opener it was! SF-wise, I come from Star Wars and Star Trek, with some Ursula K. Le Guin thrown in. I adore Leia and Han, and I enjoyed the various romances in Star Trek – to the degree that I stopped watching Deep Space Nine after they killed off Dax, much to the deep disgust of my husband. As for Ursula K. Le Guin, I don’t necessarily expect strong romances when I read her novels, which I admire tremendously, but I clearly remember how thrilled I was to find a gem of a romance in Forgiveness Day, one of the novellas in Four Ways to Forgiveness. But all in all, I had taught myself never to expect a strong romance in a SF novel.

I discovered Finders Keepers due to AAR, and then Amazon: There was a review of An Accidental Goddess, another Linnea Sinclair novel, here at AAR, but when I wanted to buy it from Amazon, it was not immediately available, whereas Finders Keepers was, and so I ordered that one instead. And what a find it was! I read it in one go, reread it since, and have finally written the DIK review it so richly deserves.

While I own and love all of Linnea Sinclair’s novels, I am also grateful to her for opening my eyes to the possibility that SF stories and romance can actually be combined. I have since discovered Susan Grant, whose Moonstruck I especially enjoyed. Now I follow recommendations at review sites and blogs, glad that my romance reading has been enriched by the science fiction romance sub-genre.

What SF romance writers do you admire? Is there, for you, one single title that influenced your reading to such a degree that you remember it to this day as a literary turning point?

-Rike Horstmann

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