Below you’ll find the top 250 books from all the write-in​s​ from Round ​One​. ​Choose AS MANY of these as you’d like.

Please pick your personal favorites, as well as any you feel should be on the list on principle.This round will be open until May 7th at 8pm EST and you will only have the opportunity to vote once in this round. So please be sure of your choices before you hit “done”!​

In the next round, we’ll combine the top vote getters from this round and the top ones from our original 50 list. You’ll have 150 books to choose from in that round, before we narrow it down to the top 100! The final round will be the Top Ten Shootout, where we’ll give you the top ten from round 3 and you choose your overall winner.

Please note: each book is using its proper title, so check the “A” “The”, etc. options as well.

Click here to vote!

Here again are the rules:

Round 1: Select as many books as you want from the list provided. It is meant to just be a starting point. There are fifty books on it–the list will ultimately have 100 books. Then, in the write-in section, enter up to ten books that are NOT on the current list you think must be. All book choices will be given one vote so a write-in has just as much weight as one on the list.

Round 2: The nominations from you, our faithful community, will be provided to be voted on.

Round 3: The ranking begins…

Round 4: Once the Top 100 is established, we’ll give you a final chance to rank the Top 10. This will be the only time your vote will be restricted to 1 book.

Spread this thing far and wide – we want it to be as reflective of Romancelandia in 2018 as it can be.

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