On Saturday, the German contribution to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest (also called the Grand Prix de la Chanson) won, the first time in 28 years. It’s a charming song and a charming performance, so here it is.


I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every single year, even when on holiday (there’s ususally at least one channel showing it). Some songs are bad, many mediocre, but several times a performer has come to my attention that I liked, and even bought a CD from. The greatest fun lies in judging the costumes, make-up, dancing, singing and general stage effects, guessing on whom these performers model themselves on, and getting an insight on what is considered pop culture all across Europe.

Any song that wins, nowadays, must capture the hearts not only of Western Europeans, but also Eastern and Southern Europeans – not an easy feat! As a result, although many points are given due to old alliances and strong minority groups, the actual winners are mostly songs that have a certain something.

The songs’ styles vary wildly, to put it mildly. To give you a taste, here are this year’s runners-up. From Turkey:


From Romania:


And from Belgium:


Now that the Eurovision Song Contest is to take place in Germany next year, it will be even more exciting!

– Rike Horstmann

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