Anyone watching Virgin River?

While the world is avidly discussing the upcoming Shondaland production of Bridgerton, bazillions of Netflix watchers are already hooked on a series based on a set (21 and counting) of famous romance novels: Virgin River.  (Season Two was just released–there are 20 episodes in total.) Robyn Carr’s RITA winning books have been best-sellers over the years–the first one, Virgin River, was published in 2007. We gave it a B+. Our reviewer wrote:

Don’t expect melodramatic incidents and overwrought emotions here. This is a story about real people and real problems. ….

I’ve read some of Robyn Carr’s earlier books and have enjoyed them very much. She writes women’s fiction with a large helping of romance and it’s a combination I love. Since I also love books set in small towns, this book was just what I was looking for. I know it will become a favorite comfort read.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s the trailer.

I haven’t watched this yet but my 83 year old mom–who does NOT read romance novels–is a big fan. She says it’s fun and has compassion for its characters.

We’ve reviewed eleven of the Virgin River books–most have gotten solid B grades–and our reviewers have consistently praised the books for their realistic men and women and the rich relationships those in the town have developed over the years. Only one, Whispering River, has gotten a DIK review from us but five have gotten B+ grades.

If you’re watching the show, we’d love to know your thoughts. Is it true to the books? Do you like the casting? Love it? Let us know in the comments!

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