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Audible’s Romance Package and how it’s turned me into an audiobook fiend!

For my professional life, I travel about forty weeks a year. It’s… a lot. My husband and I joke that I should just perpetually forward my mail to various Hiltons around the world. And I’ll be honest, hours upon hours of hotel TV is not my jam. There is only so much Investigation Discovery I can watch before the commercials just do my nut in. Thus, I read. There are days, however, where I am too professionally fried to keep my eyes open. Thus, I have become an audiobook fiend.

While the selection on my library apps (Hoopla and CloudLibrary and Libby, for the record) are great, those interfaces are not the best. They don’t save my bookmarks, for one, and I seem to always be losing my place in the story. Audible, we all know, is the leader in audio storytelling for a reason, but the cost was often too high for how frequently I churn over books and the fact that I rarely re-read/re-listen.

Enter: Audible’s Romance Package.


This thing is a gift.

For a nominal fee (lower than my Netflix membership!), I get unlimited books and I can take ten out at a time. I am now among the set that has favorite narrators (hello, Andi Arndt, Shane East, and Sebastian York!) and I have discovered some fabulous stories.

Readers, if you are on the plan, can I recommend the Player series from Nana Malone? It’s six books of siblings, the Coulters, who are all athletes and who all fall in love in the appropriate age order. Don’t you love it when they do that? I listen at 1.5 speed and I have torn through these. My favorite is Dax, with Echo coming in a close second.

I am sure that this, like Kindle Unlimited, will go through ebbs and flows of books I love and books I …. less than love. I’m in the honeymoon phase with the service, so it still seems like I have so many more books I can have keep me company in those Hiltons that I will be spending my year in.

Are you an audiobook person? Have you gotten this service? What are your thoughts?

~ Kristen Donnelly

Editor’s Note:  The Audible Romance Package was discontinued in November 2020.  It’s been replaced by Audible Plus, which contains titles in all genres, not just romance.

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