Books by Adele Parks

I Invited Her In

Fans of fast-paced thrillers based around the theme of revenge won't want to miss I Invited Her In, the latest offering from author Adele Parks. It's the story of two women, former best friends, and the destructive need to get even burns within one of them. Mel and Abi were best friends back in t ...

I Invited Her In

The tag line for I Invited Her In is, “Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do. This is worse.” A tale of a reunion between university pals gone horribly wrong, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes when we drift apart from people, it’s for good reason. They had been best of friends. ...

Playing Away

We all have a friend or family member we love, don't we, even if, we were being judgmental, we'd find them lacking in character? Don't we make allowances for their behavior because we care about them? Well, I don't know Connie Green, the protagonist of Playing Away, so I don't need to make allowance ...