Books by Adriana Anders


When I saw that Whiteout is set in Antarctica, I found myself instantly intrigued. The place fascinates me and seeing Antarctica is a not-so-secret dream of mine. However, amazing though the continent may be, I know it’s a pretty unforgiving place in terms of climate and terrain, so the idea of pe ...

In His Hands

In this standalone novel from Adriana Anders, Abby craves the freedom she believes is just beyond the fence. Raised on a compound belonging to the Church of the Apocalyptic Faith, Abby has known no life outside the cult, but she is absolutely drawn to the strange man growing grapes right next door a ...

Under Her Skin

Uma Crane is on the run from an abusive relationship.  Once upon a time she was a wedding photographer in Northern Virginia, in love with a blue-eyed prosecutor named Joey, who charmed her with his Frank Sinatra-like demeanor.  They were so into one another that each had the other’s name tattooe ...