Books by Adrienne Basso

How to Be a Scottish Mistress

Although I do love reading romance novels, I would be the first to admit they often have ridiculous titles. I know quite a few people who refuse to try them based on their often outrageous covers and names. But I know better, and so when I opened How to Be a Scottish Mistress I put aside any and all ...

How To Seduce A Sinner

“She truly was a tasty morsel...As if reading his thoughts, she suddenly moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. They glistened in the moonlight, so soft, so plump, so tempting.” And with that, I gave up on Basso’s How to Seduce a Sinner. This selected quote is a tiring ...

The Christmas Countess

The Christmas Countess by Adrienne Basso is a perfect illustration of the fact that too much chocolate is bad for you. Generally I’m all for slow, character-driven romances without too much external conflict, so when I settled down with this book I thought I was in for a delightful holiday read. B ...