Books by Alice Duncan

Beauty and the Brain

Each time I choose books to review I look for a couple that will offer something different. That's where Beauty and the Brain comes in. The beauty is Brenda Fitzpatrick, a silent movie actress who falls for a scholarly yet handsome professor named Colin Peters. The year is 1907 and the film crew ...

Her Leading Man

How I wanted to like this book! In Her Leading Man, Alice Duncan took a chance on something different. Set in Southern California in 1913, it is the story of an actress and a producer who are making a silent film. Doesn't that sound fascinating? Martin Tafft is a producer and direc ...

Wild Dream

Wild Dream is a romantic comedy of some charm, set in a mythical New Mexico town shortly after the Civil War. Alice Duncan's flair for slapstick and clever comedy comes on too strong for the first part of the book, but then settles down to create some delightful romance between Adelaide Blewitt (pro ...