Books by Alison Gaylin

The Collective

The Collective walks a fine line between its genuinely creepy plot and the credulity of its characters. It’s chilling and mostly avoids predictability, but a last-minute plot twist and the heroine’s inability to do a bit of deep thinking before trying to figure out how the proverbial sausage is ...

Never Look Back

Fans of complex thrillers with a unique and sensational hook won't want to miss Never Look Back, the latest standalone novel from author Alison Gaylin. It enters around a true crime-related podcast and one case with personal ties to the show's producer. Robin Diamond is a successful magazine colu ...

And She Was

I love the Talking Heads song And She Was, though it's a tad bit on the macabre side. But before seeing this novel in stores I had never realized just how perfect a title it would be for a thriller about missing people. The last two lines of the song are "Joining the world of missing persons and she ...