Books by Alissa Baxter

The Earl's Lady Geologist

The Earl’s Lady Geologist is the first in Alissa Baxter’s The Linfield Ladies series.  It features Cassandra Linfield, an amateur geologist who writes papers under a male pen name, and Edward, Lord Rothbury, her cousin by marriage.  Cassy happily spends her days digging for fossils along the b ...

Lord Fenmore's Wager

Lord Fenmore's Wager has charming characters. Diana Hamilton is lovely and Julian, Lord Fenmore is charming and handsome. If their relationship lacks a bit of spark - well, I have no problem with a nice, sweet story at all. The Hamilton family is a good one, but they don't have a lot of good fort ...

The Dashing Debutante

Many novels, no matter what the genre, feature a story with a lot of action, but whose main characters (in romance, the hero and heroine) do not change as a result of that action. Even though the action is resolved by the end of the book, it somehow seems more satisfactory if the characters actually ...