Books by Allyson James

Mortal Temptations

Mortal Temptations begins a new paranormal romance series. Wait, don’t yawn - the heroes are not the usual vampires or werewolves that have been populating Romanceland in the past couple of years. Instead, they are demi-gods who have fallen prey to the wrath of Hera. When Patricia La ...

The Dragon Master

Though I don’t really generally care for shapeshifter romances, dragon romances appeal to me because they’re often mythical, somewhat animalistic, and incredibly sensual. The Dragon Master combines all these elements with unique characters to make an interesting tale. Working on her MBA and ...

Dragon Heat

The newest trend in fantasy romance seems to be dragons, perhaps because vampires and werewolves are becoming stale. I, for one, was excited about reading about these creatures, but so far the stories haven't lived up to my expectations. Maybe I just don’t get the idea of a woman falling for a dr ...