Books by Amanda Harte

Rainbows at Midnight

This book has one of the worst covers I have ever seen in while. He has no shirt on, she is falling out of her gown. Judging from the expressions on the model's faces, they are totally self absorbed. The book opens with one of those hard-to-take plots involving a will which states the hero has to ma ...

North Star

This book has everything it needs to be a success and yet it left me feeling disconnected. In fact, there's very little I could point out as being intrinsically wrong with the book, and yet it didn't work. How's that for a vague statement? The "everything it needs" includes: Heroine - Beth S ...

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is a book of squandered possibilities. The Alaskan turn of the century setting isn't made vivid, a mostly interesting cast of characters fails to engage the reader, and a plot-line full of promise falls flat. There's an enervating lack of excitement in this romance between an idealistic ...