Books by Ana Leigh

The Mackenzies: Zach

Several years ago, I read the debut Mackenzie book. Back then, romance series didn't seem to be quite as plentiful as they are now, and I was hoping this would be a new one for me to enjoy. While I didn't think it was horrible, I definitely wasn't interested in reading the rest of the series. But no ...

The MacKenzies: Jake

Ana Leigh has apparently had great success with The MacKenzies series of western romances, but the appeal of Jake is largely illusory. From a small historical "fox paw" at the beginning to a conflict that never fully makes sense, this is one of those books that leaves you shaking your head, wonderin ...

The MacKenzies: Peter

There are some things I just don't ever want to see in a romance novel, and two of those things appear in the first fifteen pages of The MacKenzie's: Peter. The first no-no occurs when the heroine is having sex with someone other than the hero - in this case, the villain. The second no-no happens wh ...