Books by Anabelle Bryant

London's Late Night Scandal

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and London’s Late Night Scandal is both jolly and heartbreaking in its holiday setting.  A nicely written comedy of manners and a perfectly cute romance, it’s all about scholarly pursuits, true love and gentle farce. Dedicated scholar Lord Matthew Strathmore, E ...

London's Best Kept Secret

London’s Best Kept Secret began as a C read, but rose to a B because the story improved after a lagging start. Then the hero revealed he’d done something unforgivable - which everyone forgave him for - and the grade took a nosedive. I’d try another of Anabelle Bryant’s books, but this one is ...

The Midnight Rake

I found The Midnight Rake rather hard going at first. Not because it’s difficult to read, but because I spent so much time shaking my head at the author’s tortuous sentence structure and instances of incorrect word usage that my progress was quite slow! Once I’d given up expectin ...