Books by Anna DeStefano

Dark Legacy

When I saw that Anna DeStefano used dream research theories at the center of the plot of Dark Legacy, I was intrigued. Someone in my family works in this field, and I have always found the subject interesting as a result of hearing about the research. However, even though some of the theory underl ...

The Perfect Daughter

Anna DeStefano has written an overwhelming story about two people suffering in their own unique ways. The heroine suffers from post traumatic stress over a death of a close friend and the hero from a job that is slowly killing him. Neither will allow the chance to let the other into their hearts so ...

The Unknown Daughter

I heard quite a bit of buzz about Anna DeStefano's The Unknown Daughter, but it took me several trips to the bookstore, picking it up and putting it back again, before I finally bought it. There are few things I'm less interested in than a secret child story, and this one, with not one but two unkno ...