Books by Anna Martin

Heart on a Leash

Alanna Martin’s Heart on a Leash asks the question What if Romeo and Juliet lived in contemporary Alaska and were not dazed teenagers but commendably functional adults? The answer, it is not much of a spoiler to say, is that they would have had some hot sex and lived happily ever after. Taylor ...

Rainbow Sprinkles

Anna Martin’s first entry into the States of Love series gets off to a creamy start with the ultra-cute novella Rainbow Sprinkles. Low-key but slightly salty ice cream man Cooper Reid is happy with his simple lot in life, even if his counter job at Dreamy Creamery doesn’t require a lot of exe ...

The Impossible Boy

I was not expecting to find a DIK queer romance so early in 2017, but Anna Martin has achieved that status with The Impossible Boy. Stan, a young gender-fluid fashion journalist and blogger from Russia via New York and Milan, is beautiful, and …proudly wears his blond hair long, his high heels sky ...