Books by Anya Bast

Embrace of the Damned

One of the best parts about reviewing books is discovering new authors. Sometimes I pick a book and it takes me a while to motivate myself to read it because I am just not sure I am going to like it. When the book that I was procrastinating on ends up being a great read, it reminds me why I love to ...

Witch Fire

Witch Fire, Anya Bast's first book with her new publisher, is the starting point to a new series about elemental witches. Readers should know that this book is not romantica, like her Ellora's Cave releases, but more mainstream, if still very hot, paranormal romance. The novel began well, and I sett ...

A Change of Season

When it comes to romance, I generally go all French. Chacun à son goût, right? Some readers prefer Regencies, some Contemporaries; some just like kisses in their novels and some…well…like bondage threesomes with two bird-winged twin brothers. For me, it is variety what makes romance such a gre ...