Books by Ava Gray

Skin Heat

We have complained many times about the romance books that simply throw together the same tired ingredients with no originality. But sometimes, the smallest changes to the formula can bring a breath of freshness to the tale, making us remember why we love the cliches to begin with. That is what happ ...

Skin Tight

It began with the X-Men and continues all the way through to Heroes. My obsession with humans with atypical abilities, that is. I don't mean psychics or people who speak to the dead (all though those can be intriguing) but mind readers, touch healers, time travelers - and they are especially int ...

Skin Game

Skin Game is solid. Very solid. But based on many glowing reviews and the intriguing blurb on the back of the book, I expected something a little more intense and a little more captivating. The characters are interesting enough, the love story is believable, but lacking the oomph that would have mad ...