Books by Barbara Wallace

One Night in Provence

One Night in Provence is part of a continuity series from Harlequin featuring heroines who all won luxury vacations as part of a charity raffle. The books stand alone, and in this installment, we get to tag along on Jenna Brown's trip to Provence. Jenna works as a caregiver in a Nantucket nursing h ...

Christmas Baby for the Princess

I have a soft spot for Harlequins about royals, and Barbara Wallace is a solid writer, so I gave Christmas Baby for the Princess a try. It’s a mild, sweet, and predictable Christmas story with two flat leads. If you want something harmless to pass a Christmas themed couple of hours, it’s fine, b ...

Mr. Right, Next Door!

I will admit up front that I am not fond of books where the age difference between the heroine and hero is part of the conflict, especially when the woman is older. She always says “I am too old for you”, and then he says “Why does age matter, when I love you and will love you when you are old ...