Books by Beth Andrews

In This Town

While small-town stories abound in Romanceland, small-town romances in which not everything is sweet puppies and kittens are a somewhat rarer breed. That’s why I enjoy Beth Andrews’ novels: Crimes are committed in Mystic Point, Massachussetts, and not everything is what it seems. In This Town is ...

A Not-So-Perfect Past

A Not-So-Perfect Past is the sequel to Beth Andrews’ first book, Not Without Her Family. I read that one when it came out and was impressed with it, and this book proves that Beth Andrews is no one hit wonder. This is the kind of series romance I like.  Dillon Ward is an ex-con. He' ...

Not Without Her Family

Sometimes you pick up a romance, expecting pleasant entertainment but nothing special, reading a well-known plot, and – wham! – you end up curled in your bed into the small hours, braving your husband’s grumbling because your reading light is still on, sometimes dabbing a tear from the corner ...