Books by Bliss Bennet

Not Quite a Marriage

Not Quite a Marriage is all about the longing.  Two estranged spouses try to work their way back to one another under a rain of misunderstandings and Bennet’s plumy prose ably guides the way, moving this reader utterly in the process. Philadelphia  - Delphie - Burnett has one sanctuary to her ...

A Sinner Without a Saint

I’ve been looking forward to reading A Sinner Without a Saint, the fourth book in Bliss Bennet’s series about the Pennington family.  It features the remaining unwed sibling, Benedict, and Viscount Dulcie, a long-standing family friend and former schoolmate of Benedict’s, with whom he appears ...

A Lady Without a Lord

This third book in Bliss Bennet’s series about the Pennington siblings turns its attention to the eldest, Theodosius (Theo), who became Viscount Saybrook on the death of his father just over a year earlier.  On the surface, it’s a simple story about childhood friends coming together after a num ...