Books by Bobbi Smith

Brides of Durango: Tessa

Halfway through Tessa, the second book in Bobbi Smith's Brides of Durango series, I realized I was rooting for the sweet young couple to find happiness in their future together. Unfortunately, that sweet young couple was not the hero and heroine, but a pair of secondary characters. When secondary ch ...

Brides of Durango: Elise

Brides of Durango: Elise begins in a way that would grab any reader's attention. The heroine, Elise Martin, is standing in front of the stage depot in a wedding gown, waiting for her groom to arrive. When she gets a telegram that he won't be showing up, she continues to wait for the stage, hoping th ...

Weston's Lady

Ok, I judged this book by it's cover, and unfortunately it lived up to my expectations. The front cover is a clinch, which I can deal with, but on the back is this Wild West stampede picture that I've always associated with Wild Bill Hickock dime novels. It's truly horrible. Not to mention the compl ...