Books by Bonnie Vanak

The Cobra and the Concubine

I really like the title of this book: The Cobra and the Concubine. The cover illustration is nice, too, and the book is action-packed and never dull. And if you’re a person who only likes to read positive things in reviews, you might want to stop there. It is the 1890s in Egypt, where the r ...

The Tiger and the Tomb

In The Tiger and the Tomb, Bonnie Vanak captures the grandeur and larger-than-life passion an Egyptian romance should have, then proceeds to bury both under a mountain of misunderstandings and sheer stupidity. There are parts of the story that show how good the book could have been. Too bad I had a ...

The Falcon and the Dove

If you like those Indian romances - you know the ones, where the chieftan hero captures and falls for the beautiful blonde heroine who then proceeds to bring the light of progress to his backward tribe - then you're sure to love this book, which is the exact same plot, transplanted on another contin ...