Books by C.A. Belmond

A Rather Charming Invitation

Charming is the perfect word to describe CA Belmond's, A Rather Charming Invitation. I fell in love with Penny and Jeremy when the series began, and enjoyed this time out seeing the two prepare for their wedding. The series has a Chick-lit Meets Nancy Drew feel. However, Penny – ...

A Rather Curious Engagement

A Rather Curious Engagement picks up where A Rather Lovely Inheritance left off by following the further adventures of Penny and Jeremy, with stops in the French Riviera, London, Lake Como, and Corsica. While I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first book, I found it to be an enjoyable read in ...

A Rather Lovely Inheritance

A Rather Lovely Inheritance provided me with a delightful read, tapping into my love of European travel and girl sleuths, as well as my fondness for unusual chick lit. Penny Nichols is on a film set in Cannes; she provides historical research to the producers of historical sagas and her current p ...