Books by C.J. Barry


The one thing I require of a book that claims to have a gutsy, kickass heroine is that she actually does something gutsy, and hopefully even kicks some ass. All too often a heroine of this description turns out to need rescuing (by the hero, naturally) far too much to keep her tough grrrl credential ...


Unraveled by C.J. Barry takes place on far planets and in deep space. Though it has some engaging moments, a lack of communication and some plot holes are troublesome, and its characters represent extremely familiar and well-worn stereotypes. The heroine, for instance, is a Virginal Bluesto ...


Unearthed takes a while to warm up to, but eventually the out-of-this-world setting becomes enjoyable. But near the book's end when the debut author falls back on one of my least favorite plot devices, instead of being excited about a new and interesting universe, I wondered why she plugged in a wo ...