Books by C.L. Wilson

The Winter King

Narrated by Heather Wilds Long books can be both a blessing and a curse. There's nothing better than losing myself in a really long novel, but there's nothing worse than suffering through until the end if it turns out to be horrible. At just over twenty-one hours in length, The Winter King defini ...

Crown of Crystal Flame

Five years ago, if someone had told me that I’d become a passionate fan of a fantasy romance series featuring flying cats and evil, soul-stealing mages, I’d have scoffed. Then I read C.L. Wilson’s debut novel Lord of the Fading Lands and I was hooked. If you’re used to reading more realistic ...

Lady of Light and Shadows

It's been a while since I last reviewed for AAR, partly because my life had become hectic and partly because I'd read what felt like dozens of books that made me go meh. I decided to dip my toe back into the reviewing pool and picked what I thought would be a safe bet: the sequel to Ms. Wilson's gre ...