Books by C.W. Gortner

The American Adventuress

It’s hard to make a likable protagonist out of an occasionally unlikeable person, but The American Adventuress manages that trick in spades. C.W. Gortner tells the truth about Jennie Jerome-Churchill with a soapy overlay – and even though you’re not going to come away from this book loving Jen ...

The First Actress - A Novel of Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt’s life was destined to grab headlines.  The first actress of international acclaim, she drew eyes and plaudits – and controversy and criticism -  wherever she trod the boards. But Bernhardt’s life was also no picnic. Given to a stranger to be raised, she was the daughter o ...

The Romanov Empress

I haven't found much in the way of historical fiction set in Russia that doesn't deal with the Russian Revolution, and while that time period does interest me a great deal, I do like a bit of variety in my reading. So, when I read the blurb for C.W. Gortner's latest work The Romanov Empress, I decid ...