Books by Carlene Thompson

To the Grave

Why are boring books the longest? I couldn’t help but wonder this while I was plodding through To The Grave, a novel that is far longer than it needs to be and much less interesting or entertaining than I would have liked. Catherine Gray is a new psychologist, just establishing h ...

If You Ever Tell

Creepy suspense thrillers are a weakness of mine, so the vaguely threatening title of If You Ever Tell pulled me right in. The promise of a tale of dark secrets and stalkings had me anxious to brew some hot chocolate and curl up with a deliciously scary tale. However, as I started the book, I soon ...

Since You've Been Gone

The spine of Since You've Been Gone reads "fiction" and it is clearly billed as a work of suspense, rather than the hybrid called "romantic suspense." While it does contain a romance, the story's focus is not on the love story but on the main character's efforts to save a kidnapped child. ...