Books by Carol Goodman

The Night Visitors

I picked up The Night Visitors, the latest offering from author Carol Goodman, expecting to get lost in a twisty thriller. I've enjoyed several of Ms. Goodman's previous works, so I had no reason to think this one would be any different. Unfortunately though, this particular story did not work for m ...


Why did I read Blythewood? Because my name is Blythe, of course. And judging from the fellow readers who added it on Goodreads, that makes...two of us. Perhaps Carol Goodman should have called it Ashleywood. Blythewood is kind of all over the place at first. No sooner has it start ...

The Night Villa

When I was a child, a friend's mother decided that we had insufficient exposure to "culture" and she set out to remedy this deficiency. We spent many Saturday mornings being marched off to well-intentioned poetry readings, lectures, and art openings in my hometown. I remember endless cheaply tiled r ...