Books by Carol Grace

The Sicilian's Bride

Sometimes we love books because they push the envelope and stretch the boundaries of our imagination, taking us places we would never think of going on our own. Just as often, though, readers fall in love with books because they are "comfort reads," taking a familiar formula and telling the story i ...

An Accidental Greek Wedding

C reviews are always the hardest. Ask any reviewer. Hate a book and you know exactly why; love it, same goes. But for the ones that fall somewhere in between the explanations and articulations just don't come. Why was it just sort of so-so? Very hard to say. I just know that a few weeks after I've r ...

That's Amore

That's Amore is an Italian road romance that gets off to a rocky start, but eventually settles into a pleasantly light and frothy read. Neither the hero nor heroine makes a good first impression. Anne Marie Jackson seems to be too much the typical wimpy librarian who is so common in romances. A ...