Books by Carol Townend

Mistaken for a Lady

I used to read a lot of medieval romances, but haven’t picked up so many lately, which is one of the reasons I decided to read Carol Townend’s Mistaken for a Lady the fifth book in her ongoing Knights of Champagne series.  Another is that it’s set in and around Brittany and I’m a sucker fo ...

An Honorable Rogue

I have had good results with Harlequin's mail-order historicals (they release two per month, in addition to the four historicals available in stores), so I was happy to give Carol Townend's latest novel a try, in spite of my determination to steer clear of books with "Rogue" and other such overused ...

The Novice Bride

The time of the Norman Conquest is a setting rich with history. There is a built-in conflict between an invading conqueror hero and an indigenous heroine. Carol Townend puts a slight twist on these two prototypes, making them less stereotypical and giving them a nice external conflict. Lady Cecil ...