Books by Carolyn Crane

Against the Dark

I haven’t read anything by Carolyn Crane before, but her romantic suspense novels come highly recommended, so I picked up this first book in her four-book series The Associates for this months’ prompt.  It’s fast-moving and well-written with some nicely steamy scenes – plus the hero is a ho ...

Behind the Mask

I anticipated the newest release in Carolyn Crane's The Associates series with both trepidation and glee. How could the new book possibly live up to the previous three books? I'm pleased to say it does and then some. We've been introduced to heroine Zelda, one of the mysterio ...

Off the Edge

Romantic suspense is one of the most "difficult to do well" sub genres in romance. If the romance works the suspense is often weak. If the suspense is fabulous, the romance is often unbelievable. But those of us who like romantic suspense got lucky in 2013. Carolyn Crane published two books in he ...