Books by Cat Johnson

Two Times As Hot

This book was so predictable that I could have begun my review before I even finished it, gambling that nothing in the last third would surprise me. Although yes, I did finish it eventually, I was right. Emma Hart’s sister is getting married in Oklahoma. Emma, a New Yorker, is a ...

One Night with a Cowboy

If it hadn’t been for the hero, Tucker Jenkins, this story would have been a solid C. However, the actions and behavior of the aforementioned Mr. Jenkins made this book a definite F. Ugh. Thinking back on it, there have been few male leads that have ever annoyed me as much as this character did. H ...

One Night with a Cowboy

First, and most importantly, don’t be fooled by the title. This book should be titled One Night with a Former Rodeo Star or One Night with a Soldier, because cowboy this guy ain’t. Not even close at this point in his life. So walking into the story there’s one expectation exploded. Unlike oth ...