Books by Catherine Blair

A Family for Gillian

My only DIK, romance or otherwise, thus far for 2004 (it's now September) is A Family for Gillian, which I bought shortly after reading Jane's B+ review of it. Jane and I often laugh about being "separated at birth" in that many of our tastes are similar - and not only where reading is concerned. Ea ...

A Scholarly Gentleman

When I got the list of books to be reviewed, I saw this title and wanted it. I have a weakness for books with an academic setting, and I love heroes who are scholars. The setting of A Scholarly Gentleman is Cambridge, where Lord Jordan DeVaux is a lecturer on astronomy. Add to this, the plot is abou ...

A Family for Gillian

I usually avoid books with family or children in the title like the plague. A recent At the Back Fence discussed some gimmicks that have been done to death in the romance genre, and babies and instant families was one of them. When I found A Family for Gillian in my batch of books I wasn't sure why ...