Books by Cecilia London


My fellow reviewer, Kristen, has raved about Cecilia London’s Bellator Saga - and given that I like a nice, juicy political thriller, I decided pretty much at the beginning of the year that Dissident, the first book in the series would be my recommended read this year. I’ll start out by sayin ...


“Ma’am.” I looked up through my tears to see the flight attendant holding a packet of tissues and looking concerned. “Yes?” I sniffed. “Are you okay? It’s just that you’re clearly crying very hard.” I tried to smile. “Oh, I’m fine. It’s just my book.” She smiled ...


Rhapsody is the fifth and penultimate instalment of Ms. London’s The Bellator Saga, which chronicles two powerful politicians, Jack McIntyre and Caroline Gerard, as they try to save America from a despot of a leader named Santos. Told in both present and flashbacks, the story is layered, mature, s ...