Books by Chevy Stevens

Dark Roads

I haven’t read much YA suspense, but Dark Roads is a novel that reads like a young adult mystery. The youthful protagonists provide a unique perspective into a series of crimes that target teenage girls and highlight how it feels for those young women to know that the adults around them offer no p ...

Never Let You Go

I can always count on Chevy Stevens to deliver a taut, gripping psychological thriller. Her books delight and terrify me in equal measure, so I was keen to read her latest, Never Let You Go. Eleven years ago, single mother Lindsay Nash took her young daughter and fled her abusive husband, who end ...

Still Missing

Whenever Annie Sullivan sees a poster of herself she can not help thinking that the "Missing" caption is absolutely accurate. Even though she has physically returned from a year of horrific captivity, the woman who left is indeed still missing. In fact, Annie knows she always will be. Primarily t ...