Books by Chloe Liese

Everything for You

Everything for You – book five in Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series – is the first entry in that series to feature a same sex couple and is also the author’s first m/m romance. As I haven’t read anything by Ms. Liese before, I decided to rectify that by picking it up for review.  It ...

With You Forever

With You Forever thinks young.  Very young.  To the point where you’ll feel a little curmudgeonly by the middle of the book, wondering why these kids just won’t talk to each other like grown-ups.  But the writing is cutely inoffensive, and the plot fairly fun.  It does pining well, even if ...

Always Only You

I’ll be honest, I knew very little about this book when I requested it.  I saw the lovely cartoon cover featuring a hockey player (I like them, btw), read the blurb, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Friends, the risk paid off.  I mostly enjoyed Always Only You, the second novel in th ...