Books by Christi Daugherty

Revolver Road

Revolver Road is the third installment in Christi Daugherty's Harper McClain series. It picks up six months after the events in book two, and I would definitely advise readers to start at the beginning of the series rather than trying to dive directly into this one. This way, you'll have a much bett ...

A Beautiful Corpse

I fell completely in love with Harper McClain, Christi Daugherty's fiery, determined heroine when I read 2018's The Echo Killing, and I've been eagerly awaiting the author's next book featuring this intrepid newspaper reporter ever since. I'm happy to assure fellow fans that A Beautiful Corpse surpa ...

The Echo Killing

The Echo Killing is the first novel in a new series featuring crime reporter Harper McClain. It takes place in Savannah, Georgia, but the city portrayed here isn't the genteel, graceful place you've read about in so many historical novels. Instead, author Christi Daugherty shows readers a completely ...