Books by Christine Wells

Sweetest Little Sin

Do you suppose “geh” goes between good and meh? Probably not, but that’s where this book lies. Lady Louisa Brooke has almost ten years in the ton under her belt, but she loves and is loved by one man only: Marcus, the Marquis of Jardine. Despite years of frustratingly br ...

Wicked Little Game

I like wealthy, titled, possessive men. I like proud, smart, strong women. I like deep, yearning, unfulfilled desires. I like heated looks across crowded streets. I like forbidden touches followed by reckless abandonment. I like sacrifice in the name of love. I like drama in my historical romance. S ...

Scandal's Daughter

Scandal's Daughter is the first book of debut author Christine Wells (the book won a Golden Heart Award last summer). I like reading first books - there are no preconceived notions about the author or the style, and there's an excitement that comes from delving into the unknown. But there is nothi ...