Books by Christy English

How to Tame a Willful Wife

Christy English’s How to Tame a Willful Wife is the first in her Shakespeare in Love series, and on the whole, I would rather read Shakespeare. This was a forgettable romance - bland, insubstantial, and always, always choosing the most predictable path through the plot.Caroline Montague, the d ...

How to Train Your Highlander

Mary Elizabeth Waters lives up to her nickname, The Hellion of Hyde Park. A Scottish lass sent to mix with polite company at the insistence of her English mother, Mary Elizabeth has no time for the social constraints of polite society.  She mixes with everyone regardless of class; she rides like a ...

Much Ado About Jack

The first thing you need to know about Much Ado about Jack is that there is no “Jack.” Had I known that going in, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to read this book. Our hero, James, is called Jack once or twice by mistake. Anyone who names their book after a deliberate mispronunciation of thei ...