Books by Clare Mackintosh

After the End

I always get a little nervous when authors who write a particular type of book very well decide to try something new. Sometimes, it ends up working out well, but there are also those times when it turns out to be a flop. Fortunately, After the End, the latest novel from renowned thriller writer Clar ...

Let Me Lie

I fell in love with Clare Mackintosh's writing last year with the release of I See You, which was one of my favorite thrillers of 2017. Ever since then, I've been on tenterhooks waiting for the author's next book, so I jumped at the chance to review Let Me Lie. Everyone says Anna's parents took t ...

I See You

Zoe Walker takes the same route to work every day. Same streets, same trains, same stations, even the same seat on the train. She thinks nothing of this, chalking it up to a comforting routine, until one day she spies her own face in a classified advertisement for What follows is a s ...