Books by Dal Maclean

Blue on Blue

Note:  There are spoilers for the previous books in the Bitter Legacy series in this review. Lately, my favorite books are contemporary, queer, and full of romantic suspense.  And very few authors do this as well as Dal Maclean.  The Bitter Legacy novels are smart and clever, chock full of twi ...

Object of Desire

Reviewing romantic suspense is a bit of a sticky wicket, as it’s extremely difficult to discuss a suspense novel without spoiling it. Reader, Object of Desire has so many of secrets (and potential bad guys) it’s difficult to keep track of them all!  And then Ms. Maclean further muddies the wate ...

Bitter Legacy

I came upon this newly released novel by accident when it was commended by two authors whose work I admire. I am so glad I accepted their recommendation and bought this book. Bitter Legacy is the début novel by Dal Maclean and it is wonderful. I have recycled some of the book’s blurb in my descri ...