Books by Danielle Steel

The Kiss

The last time I read Danielle Steel, I was thirteen years old. But of course I've been aware of her as a publishing phenomenon - millions devour her books, and although they say "Fiction" on the spine, for lots of people, romance means Steel. That's why I volunteered to review The Kiss. ...

The Wedding

Ah, how the other half lives. I used to read Danielle Steel books and dive into a world of pretty people and pretty settings, and glitter, glitter, glitter. Now, however, I demand a little more substance from the books I read, and find the dive into her world is a bit too shallow for my tastes. ...


Bittersweet is a middle-aged melodrama that's about one-third too long. Not that it would have been much better without the additional 100+ pages, but Danielle Steel's continual repetition of thoughts and actions becomes impossibly frustrating in a book of this length. While the author has moved bey ...